Assumption Education Foundation


Stay tuned for details for this year's raffle information. July is going to be exciting!

​​By combining our commitment to our children's education and our love of the outdoors, our net profits are donated annually to fund our local school and educational events that are designed to increase our children's safety during, and appreciation of, responsible management of our cherished wildlife resources.

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Dedicated to our children's education

By leveraging our love of the outdoors and our deep commitment to our children's education, our net profits are donated to further fund the parochial education of Assumption, Ohio.

"Funding the education of our youth through

the celebration of the rural outdoors!"

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We are a group of parents donating our time and our money for our youth.  We work off of volunteers and donations to put on the programs for the youth.  We need your help.  Please consider contacting us to volunteer for an event or to donate to help us help our youth!